How BIM modeling services minimizes cost of the construction project

How BIM Modeling Services Minimizes Cost of the Construction Project?

by Tesla CAD Solutions, June 20, 2016 BIM Services 0

Building Information Modeling is an intelligent model based process that has changed the planning, design, building and management of construction projects. BIM modeling services have transformed the way of working and communicating the construction project which helps to minimize the overall cost of the project. BIM has reduce the communication gap between designers and builders… Read More »

Revit Modeling Services

Revit – Master Tool for 3D Content Creation

by Tesla CAD Solutions, June 6, 2016 Revit BIM Services 0

Revit is a master software for 3D modelling! A popular BIM – Building Information Modelling tool, Revit is used for all the disciplines involved in the building construction – Architectural, Structural, Civil and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing). The parametric intelligent creation that it supports, largely eases the designing and development process. Focussing on the 3D… Read More »


A Brief Account On Autodesk – A Company That Creates Innovative Software For AEC Industry

by Tesla CAD Solutions, January 12, 2016 Mechanical Engineering Services 0

After writing a lot about a wide range of software products, which are used extensively by architects and engineers for developing high performing residential and commercial buildings – I now feel like writing about a company which has been accountable for producing many of them. Yes that is right, I am talking about none other… Read More »

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BIM – A Process Or Technique That Changed The Shape Of Construction Industry

by Tesla CAD Solutions, December 22, 2015 BIM Services 0

A few decades back there was a time when building stakeholders such as owners, contractors, architects, engineers and fabricators etc., had to suffer a lot from the pressure of budget overruns. That means the final cost of the construction project used to exceed the  cost which used to be calculated by building stakeholders for the… Read More »


Autodesk Inventor – Distinctive Software For Design, Visualization And Simulation

by Tesla CAD Solutions, December 14, 2015 CAD Services 0

There is hardly any doubt on the fact that the Architecture, Engineering and Construction market is full of unique software products, but the kind of advantages provided by Autodesk Inventor are really rare and exceptional. The software which has been serving the interests and requirements of mechanical engineers and 3D modelers since 1999 is developed… Read More »


Steel Detailers – Professionals Who Creat Detailed Drawings For Fabricators

by Tesla CAD Solutions, November 25, 2015 Steel detailing services, Structural Engineering Services 0

When it comes to carrying out steel construction, the importance of steel detailers cannot be ignored, as they are answerable for developing some of the most crucial drawings for manufacturers or steel fabricators. As they have to perform one of the most important pre-construction activities, it’s crucial for construction firms and general contractors to approach… Read More »


When Building Stakeholders Cry BIM Wipes Their Tears

by Tesla CAD Solutions, November 17, 2015 BIM Services 0

Construction has never been an easy job, the moment you believe things are going on fine, complications start hitting you from  left, right and centre. Yes, that’s right, manual assumptions have never been able to satisfy the expectations of building stakeholders ( owners, contractors, architects, engineers, fabricators, and sub-contractors etc. Their expectations regarding seamless construction… Read More »


Important features of Revit MEP 2016 for MEP Professionals

by Tesla CAD Solutions, October 7, 2015 MEP Services, Revit BIM Services 0

Revit MEP is a version of Revit and it has an extensive usage in the construction industry for developing 3D HVAC model, electrical model, plumbing model and even 3D MEP coordination model. Autodesk has brought many enhancements to Revit 2016 that assists the MEP engineers and other design and construction professionals to accomplish all types… Read More »


The Role of Shop Drawing Services for Accurate Building Construction

by Tesla CAD Solutions, September 21, 2015 Shop Drawings 0

The creation of shop drawings is not a newly introduced concept in Architecture, Engineering and Construction discipline, as they had always been optimized by AEC professionals for delivering pertinent details to producers for the fabrication of building elements associated to diverse building domains. The only aspect which has evolved through the years is the way… Read More »

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Structural Analysis becomes way too easy with Revit Structure 2016!

by Tesla CAD Solutions, September 3, 2015 Structural Engineering Services 0

Autodesk has been constantly working towards the up-gradation of features and tools contained in Revit Structure, a software that is mainly utilised for developing parametric models for structural framework. The team at Autodesk looks carefully into the feedbacks and the reviews provided by the users ( which includes BIM technicians and engineers) for enhancing the… Read More »